COMPASS FIT by MicroAd is a Native Ads Platfrom from JAPAN

What is Native Ads

Native Advertising is a method of presenting online media without disrupting the user experience.
The ads follow the layout and functionality of a website in which it is placed.
Native Ads
Looks one of
the contents

You can get the increase of total revenue without reducing banner ads revenue. Create more ads spaces but keeping usability of website / portal / app the same.

Benefit Using Native Ads

Their user-friendly design deliver messages naturally, resulting in high ad effectiveness.

User Interest
Brand Loyalty

COMPAS FIT is a platform for publisher and advertiser to manage Native ads.

Automatic Revenue Maximization
Our system automatically analyzes publisher’s inventory
and creative’s CTR and CPC to maximizes publisher’s revenue

Customize Creative Design
We will customize creative design for each publishers
It looks one of the contents

Brand Image Protection
Publishes can check all creatives from our advertisers
And can reject if the creatives are not match the contents

Real - time Data
Publishes can see the real time date from our dashboard

Process For Introduction
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